Comprehensive Health Assessment:

This is unique to Walmart and we will be the first medical clinic within a Walmart, throughout Canada, that will be offering this in-depth, comprehensive evaluation of your physical health through interactions with a variety of health professionals.

This includes meeting with our:

  • medical doctors

  • nurses

  • movement and body alignment coach

  • registered dieticians

This team will work together to create a comprehensive report of your health status and identify any areas of risk. This assessment is conveniently completed in one, 3 hour appointment and offered at times that are convenient for you. The goal of this program is to give patients clear and detailed information about their own health in terms that are manageable. We want to provide you with the information and resources you need to live better and make healthier choices.

What does the Comprehensive Health Assessment consist of?

In advance of your scheduled appointment, we will send you for bloodwork and have a resting EGG completed.

On the day of your clinic appointment, you will be provided with a welcome package and introduced to a concierge who be your personal guide throughout the appointment and answer any questions you may have. Once checked in with reception, you will meet with a nurse to measure your vital signs, review immunization records, and go through your medical history. Next, you meet with our doctor for a full physical examination. You will then take a break in our comfortable lounge and be provided with a healthy breakfast or lunch. Throughout the assessment you will have access to free healthy snacks and refreshments. Afterwards, you will meet with our Movement and Alignment coach for a practical session to understand why you experience back, hip, neck or leg pain. You will be shown some simple exercises tailored to you, to improve your alignment. You will then meet our registered dietician for a nutrition assessment where you will be provided with manageable, personalized recommendations. Finally, convene with the doctor again to review your overall health based on the information gathered, summarize the day’s assessments, and answer any final questions regarding your health risks. The Comprehensive Health Risk Assessment puts you in control of your own health.

How do I book the Comprehensive Health Assessment and what is the cost?

Bookings can be made online through our website www.makemehealthier.ca, by telephone or in person at the clinic.