Can I register and book an appointment online?
Yes. Appointments can be booked at www.makemehealthier.ca. Our booking portal will go live a few days before the clinic opens. We encourage patients to schedule appointments, as booked appointments will take priority over Walk-in wait times.

Can I be registered with two family doctors?
Unfortunately not.

Will vaccinations, including the Shingles vaccines, be administered here?

Are physiotherapy and chiropractic services covered by OHIP?
No. Only private insurance covers this with a note from your Doctor. There is a $20 fee for the Doctor to issue this note.

Do I have to book an appointment for physiotherapy or chiropractic services?
Yes. This can be done through our reception.

Do I have to pay for blood work?
No. If referred by your Doctor.

Does the clinic have hospital privileges?
No. Only individual doctors may have hospital privileges.

Does the doctor speak Italian?
No, but our receptionist does and she can assist if any translation is needed.

Can I get Vitamin D or B12 shots here?
Yes, our nurse can administer them at this location.

Will the walk-in clinic have a live wait time app/website feature?
Yes. This can be found on our website. We also post live waiting times to www.medimap.ca. We will have an interactive Kiosk at reception where patients can check themselves in for their scheduled appointment when they arrive at the clinic - no need to wait in line to speak to reception.

Patients will be given a paddle pager which they can take with them while they shop within the Walmart or have a coffee at Tim Hortons. They will be notified to come back to the clinic once the Doctor is ready to see them.

How do I switch my family doctor?
Complete a simple request for transfer of records form available at our clinic and we will then notify the doctor to send over your medical records.

Do I have to switch my family Doctor if I pre-register?
No. Pre-registration is an invitation for you to meet our doctor(s). You can then decide if you want to change doctors. No obligations.